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Here's to like 6 years
So I just noticed I have been continuously been blogging for somewhere around 6 years. That blows my mind. I was looking at old posts and it blew my mind how petty and how quick to anger I was. These post represent a low point of my maturity, but I guess that is the course of things. What scares me is that I've lost much of my idealism and passion for things. But I think this post will turn into another one of my whiny rants if I do not stop here.

So anyways, send me e-mails ( or letters( I can provide my address) cause I really don't have many phone minutes at the moment.

Smell ya later


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i've felt the same way too!! I've been debating about deleting my lj, but every time i look back on really old posts, i get really proud of how i've changed and what i've learned.

so i keep.

yeah, it's pretty painful reading over some of my older lj posts. i sounded like an idiot. (i HOPE i've gotten a bit better). but at the same time, i know what you mean about the lost idealism and passion. oh, growing up.

i'm going to write you an email so you'd better respond.

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