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Looking back... Looking Forward
listening to people talk about their past relationships, recently, I have started thinking about my own. I see now, more than ever, the things I did wrong, the friendships and relationships that I have ruined. I've burned bridges and walked over people. This makes me sad. It is said that there is no turning back, and yes there are some people that I will never be on good terms with ever again.

I wonder how much of it was me consciously or subconsciously sabotaging things. Like there in a part of me that can't tolerate a good thing, that I must have chaos whether I create it or it is naturally present. And if it is the case that I am causing these problems, how do I stop myself before it's too late. Like is there a stopping point where I just say, no. I think, i hope, that those days are behind me, but time will only tell.


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