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There are good days and then...
Every now and then I come to great realizations about myself. I guess you would say it's an epiphany, however I don't think the lessons I learn improve my life. I've known that I've been bipolar for something like 3 years, but I don't always realize the effects it has on my day to day life. There are days when I'm very productive and hopeful. Other days are very hard. Time goes by slowly, it becomes very difficult to complete even menial tasks.

This happens very gradually happens, I never know what is going on until I'm past the threshold. I notice the warning signs or positive effects, but it's hard to stay in one place long. Even with the various medications, i've been off and on, things are rarely constant.

It is my hope that more information, and a better treatment plan, I can minimize these swings or even eliminate them.


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