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I get fits of nostalgia, every few weeks. I miss the old days, I found pictures of a night of DDR at my house. Those days were so simple, everything seem so well planned and positive. The thing I find so funny is how your perspective in life can change so dramatically over the course of a few years. I can see how arrogant I used to be and self-righteous. Especially hanging out with someone a few years younger than me, I can see how I used to be like that, but somehow have moved past it. I don't know if it was the experiences I've had in the last few years or if I have just matured, but I feel like I'm more at peace with the world. Definitely less eager and impatient. I dunno.

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see? i guess there are some benefits to getting old after all.

who knew!

I guess so. But it's still one of those thing where I wish I could go back and experience things over again. You know there are just some things you can't do again, some people you will never be friends with again or hang out with.

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