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I should update this journal... shouldn't I
well I haven't made a post on here in a while and it's not because nothing interesting hasn't happen in my while. there just is a lot of things i'm not comfortable sharing with people on here. a few of you are aware of what is going on in my life and there are lot of events that have occurred if you are in the know, with my life. at any rate, I think things are beginning to turn around for me. I basically got screwed at the beginning of the semester and have been trying to get my shit together financially. I am going to work my ass of this winter, probably take on another job and work as many hour as I can so I can have some extra money for some projects that I desperately need to finish.

I started cooking again lately. I cooked a yummy soup. I never use a recipe, unless i'm trying something new. so I bought a bunch of vegetables and some beef and threw it together. then today I decided to make some mini pies. I was making the pies as a test run for a later event. I think they came out well although I forgot how my mom made hers but figured out her secret after I finished backing mine. I have yet to taste mine cold, I dunno. They were good, but they had room for improvement. Also I was using a recipe; my mom does all her from head.

There is a lot more going in my life, and I'm not ready to let you into my world but those of you who know what is going on remind me to friend you with my other LJ and then you can see what else is going on.


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Hey! It's been awhile. I hope you're well.

and if you're comfortable with it, i'd like to know how you're doing, via other blog.

um... how about you catch me on im. before I just drop you into that blog. unless you have had some conversations with max or julie and you are aware, but I'm not sure they would have told you about this.


HEYYY good to hear from you. friend me on your other lj! do i already know about said other lj? I can never keep track of all your blogs...heh. aaanyway, hope you're doing well! are you ever gonna come back to the ville? we need to do some hangin.

I miss fellow CMAers (this is Beth). What have you been up to? I think I might be the only kid from our class still interested in (and working in)journalism.

I hope all is well with you. You can friend me if you want. I rarely blog anymore, but now that I am grown up, I like taking the time to read others blogs.

lol, yeah. hey how are things going for you. I still have a deep admiration for journalism and I good operational knowledge for it and hell I even ran a independent paper for year, but it's not for me. I think Brian Briggs is going into it, but not sure. um, I'll friends you a bit, I kinda need to make a post about some things before I do that. it's a complicated story or maybe, I'm making more out of nothing.

lol, hope things are going good for you.


We need to get together next time we're both in town.

Also, friend me on your other LJ.

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