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let's get this going again
So I was in Louisville over the weekend and met up with my good old reliable friend Julie. We reminisced (isn't it sad that we are at an age to reminisce) and talked. The one thing we realized is that we don't post on Livejournal like we used to. I mean there were times back in the day, when I'd have three posts a day some weeks. So here is a post for your reading enjoyment.

So it is possible that I might be getting a job in Louisville. I'm rather torn about this, I've been in Lexington so long that I'm comfortable, yet I think Louisville is a better city. I would be close to family and friends, but it would be a major change. Sometimes I go there and it doesn't really feel like home anymore. I mean I still know all the streets and where most things are, but I see a lot of changes. There are new buildings and shopping centers and old ones are just distant memories.

So I dunno, I think I'll have something figured out my next week and then i'll go from there.


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1. Yeah I'm awesome

2. Yay posting on LJ

3. Louisville > Lexington for one very obvious reason: I'm here. So hurry up and get yer arse back to the ville.

lol, I guess you are the only reason to move back to Louisville.

well there are others, but i'm the best reason.

I really should start posting in my journal more frequently. I think that after this semester is over there will be more to write about.

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